Man Up…Lead

I made a review of Hybels’ book; Courageous Leadership. I’m sure this info will be helpful to you and others in leadership.

The world has its many challenges and problems. Some are simple and others complex so a number of systems have been devised to meet these challenges. These include self-help methods, political systems and so on. But whatever is originated by man only satisfies an external aspect of the human being thus the problem is not cleared from the root. The church on the other hand is a solution or it has the answers to the questions and problems of our world. It is the perfect alternative because it sorts out not only the external but the internal aspects of human beings. The church has the power and the potential to bring about positive permanent change.
The effectiveness of the church in being a solution to the world is highly dependent on how well it is lead i.e. the gift of leadership is vital to ensure that a church operates in its rightful purpose. Those that lead the church must lead diligently.
The gift of leadership is not implied to be the most important but rather it is a foundational element for the running of the church. Them that lead must have a vision. Hybel defines it as a picture of the future that produces passion. Leaders must have a clear road map of where they intend to be in future as a church with someone being the visionary. Having that clarity will produce an inner energy to work towards the vision. This vision not only energized the visionary but also members of the church get inspired to contribute to the work as well.
Hyebel gives some important guidelines on vision such as, after the vision is conceived it must be owned. The bearer must take responsibility for the vision and must be confident about it. Thereafter, the vision must be communicated to a few people, individuals on a one-to-one basis and to the public e.g. the church congregation, as in the case for a church. This is important because the vision carrier needs people to come in and lend their efforts towards work that will fulfill the vision. The leader must be aware that the people who were envisioned in the past may lose commitment thus re-envisioning them when necessary is important. Considering the many things that people go through in their everyday lives such is bound to happen so re-energizing them with the vision regularly is to be done even though they are among the best contributors to the vision. Hybel refers to this as vision leaks which the visionary must identify and seal off.
Vision not only energizes but also allows a church to have focus of activities meaning what members do is purposeful towards its vision in society. A church because of vision will know which activities to avoid that threaten to divert its energies and resources. As work towards a vision goes on, at some point the leaders will not be able to lead anymore. The wise step at such a point is obviously to find suitable successors. The transition process is made easier only when there is a clear vision in an organization and especially one that can outlive the visionary. Hybel reminds the reader that if you’re a visionary don’t forget that you cannot lead forever therefore you must have a vision that will out-live you. When new leaders take over after you it will be easier for them to work in to an already given clear vision. It’s also beneficial for winning loyalty of members of your congregation as they do not need to go through the process of readjusting to a new vision every time a new leader comes in. such a process would be frustrating on their behalf and they may fold hands and remain dormant.


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