Review: Mag’44 ft. Karen – Pwililika, and Thoughts on Zed Music by gEO

So Lotahouse is on a row with its awesome releases by artists Chungu, Pompi and a recent So Good Entertainment meets Lotahouse with Sobre. I believe Tio’s new single is yet to be unleashed. Now Mag’44 brings what is anticipated to be a new hit to replace Vichani, a song titled Pwililika featuring Karen.

Rapper and Producer Mag’44

I was rather cynical about the success of a collabo between artists from dissimilar worlds. But hey, Mag’44 is an excellent producer and he’s skills put together a great song with song sensation Karen.

As the song begins one would expect the usual hip hop rhythms as is typically associated with 44’s beats. The blues in the first few seconds transition in to an Afro sound fused with live guitars and soft mellow pads. Let me admit I am not the biggest fan of this style but the excellence explains why I have the song on repeat. The quality is top notch and of international standard.

Karen’s vocal delivery on the song is exceptionally good as her voice sits comfortably on the beat. Of course Mag’44 gives his best with clear lyrics speaking words of encouragement to the listener. 44 has a large fan base in Kenya; he gives a shout out to his international fans through a Swahili sang bridge, that’s a good move and hey my Kenyan workmate here in Kenya says the accent is all good. One may not easily notice he actually raps in four different languages on this one song – Bemba, Nyanja, English and a little Swahili but they interestingly sound alike. How come? It’s called talent.

Pwililika is not necessarily a theological song per se and I assume it wasn’t purposed to be so. The message is for Christians and non-Christians alike and it could actually introduce a person to Jesus. It could bring to a halt, suicidal thoughts and cause many to wipe their tears and trust in the Lord. It could restore the self esteem of thousands of discouraged people.

Is it a replacement of Vichani? In my opinion, the answer to this question is most likely No. First of all it’s in a rather different genre from Vichani thus we are talking about varying audiences. It may, therefore, not be what Vichani was as a song but it will begin a new season for Mag’44. But that isn’t a bad thing because I believe it could equally be a big hit side by side with Vichani as it will probably introduce Mag’44 to a new audience that will view him as mature as expressed in the song. If a video is produced the outcome could be otherwise. This is just the beginning so let’s see what God will do.

Mag’44 and Rapper Kenny Roc of Groundxero, the man behind Vichani music video

In listening to Pwililka after Sobre’s Party Animal and other new releases by other artists I wondered to myself, so where is this all going? I know Magg’44 is an influential rapper and producer. Will everybody resort to Afro hip hop music in Zambia after hearing this? Will trends change in style like they did in language used from English heavy to more vernacular? I hope not for one reason: if we abandon real hip hop we will, in the process, lose a generation of young people who don’t resonate with Afro fusion music. Ultimately this young group will not hear the gospel from influential Zambian artists through hip hop. My hope is that both Afro hip hop and typical hip hop music genres will thrive in Zambia because in this way we will stay connected to our African roots while simultaneously reaching our young and lost generation.

To God be all glory and I wish Mag’44 more success and an extension of his tent throughout Zambia and the rest of the world.  And to you the reader, “wa li Pwililika, you’re so beautiful, far from the usual.”

To Download Pwililika by Mag’44 ft. Karen visit


~ by thenativez on October 10, 2012.

2 Responses to “Review: Mag’44 ft. Karen – Pwililika, and Thoughts on Zed Music by gEO”

  1. keep it up with the hard work

  2. Chungu, Pompi and Magg44 u guys are awesome

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