Review: C.A – Mwana wa Mulungu Remix by gEO

New boys on the block Christian Academy3 are at it again, literally, that is, with Mwana wa Mulungu. This time it’s a remix.

Christian Academmy3 – 2nd-Born, Script and Mr. Bell

Like most current releases the song is a cypher and features several rappers some of whom are already your “favourite” rapper’s favourite rappers. You know you have to lend your attention to any song that features Jo-Z Jay, Abel Chungu, D’nel, Yellow Dove. Also featuring are once favourite 911, promising artists  M.I.A. Lael and Slay. Of course the sounds of  C.A are uniquely recognizable on the song.

Potentially incredible producer Yamikani delivered mad skills on the beat with exciting orchestral arrangements. However, the instrumentation is debatably a Mag’44 style. The track is hype from start to finish and leaves you unaware that almost 5minutes has lapsed by the time the track is done. That’s one way of scoring points with any song. Execution by the featured artists is satisfactory and they bring some needed excitement to the table. C.A’s own- 2ND-BORN, Script and Mr. Bell put their kopala swag quite well on the song; relatively good for new artists. In paying attention to the lyricism, one would visualize a typical cypher at a youth concert where humour and child like rhymes are not absent. This makes Mwana wa Mulungu even a more fun song to rap along to.

Snapshot of C.A’s Mwana wa Mulungu music video produced by Traffik Pictures

Their message is clear as the artists communicate who they are as God’s chosen people. It’s not necessarily theological but is still clearly Christian. Anyway, when celebrating God as a father in party mode, not many will pay attention to lyrical deepness. Further, I think it’s a good thing when artists feel a freedom to express a personal revelation of God without repeating the Psalms of David. That’s another arguable plus on C.A’s remix.

A number of things could have been done better but allow me to point out just two; first of all the artists seemed too casual thus their delivery was not convincingly to the best of their abilities skillfully; in a number of sections the artists are dragging. Secondly the lyricism is generally shallow creating an impression that the goal was to show off an ability to write rhymes.

C.A has some very good potential levels and my hope is that with time they will grow as artists and achieve some significant things in their music. What they need is a challenge, that is, to explore their skill and record new songs without featuring any other artists. They will last in the game if they can stand on their feet without supporting acts.  Otherwise, If you’re in a party mood then Mwana wa Mulungu remix would be a good selection in your play list.

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~ by thenativez on October 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Review: C.A – Mwana wa Mulungu Remix by gEO”

  1. Love the way u analyse tracks, great review. 10/10

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