Review: Pompi – “No Rent” and “Giant Killer by gEO

New singles ‘Giant Killer’ and ‘No Rent’ feat. Magg’44

Let me start off by saying I am super glad Pompi of Lotahouse is not majorly a rapper anymore. Not that he lacks potential to be a leading rapper but that he has found his greatest element now. God knows he is making a statement and Africa will listen.

His most recent releases ‘Giant killer’ and ‘No Rent’ are clear pointers of his maturity as an artist. The song titled ‘Packaging’ was an excellent installment as well but beyond that Pompi needed to prove he could maintain the same high standard. Well his new singles are convincing proof that the brother is guilty if mature quality music is a crime.

Giant killer has a ragga flavour blended with modern rap. One can’t easily put their finger on what style they are listening to as this song plays; let me say the style is simply “Pompi.” The instrumentation is subtle and rather basic; not like that’s a bad thing. I must admit that the signature snare is not very convincing, though the selection of samples was well done liberating the song from being judged as amateur. The override guitar in the bridge section was an excellent ingredient to the song.

Lyrically and vocally I think Pompi did well on Giant Killer. The poetry is unique and seems to root from common general knowledge by-passed by most artists when songwriting. It’s not, however,  what many would assertively classify as ocean deep. Throughout the song Pompi maintains low notes which by now I’ve noticed are his comfort zone but the delivery is classic. Somehow the bridge section is choral and arranged like the old African church song we used to sing “…ifwe tuleya…iyaya Jerusalema” all culminating to a more refined identity of who he is – African and Christian. #insert applause here#


“No Rent” is likewise soothing. It is probably a perfect selection for lovebirds looking for a song  to help express affection poetically. The metaphors used are somewhat funny but made to sound romantic at the same time.  I mean who would think of telling a lady she’s like “Gorjis protemintamin” (I have doubt in my spelling here). Pompi sang comfortably and his voice radiates genuine emotion from start to finish. His harmonies take you back to the days of Joe Chibangu though sang with a low level of complexity. Featured artist Mag’44 slowed down as the beat required. I wouldn’t think a feature would be necessary for this song but the excellence in the execution of the rap verse is a mind changer.

Pompi’s style is mature and his African originality is easily noticeable. With time he will possibly be one of Zambia’s most significant artists. I like the fact that he has so far avoided too many features which could build fog around him and blur his true identity. My hope is that his upcoming album will not monotonously sound mellow as listeners may get a little bored. Noting that low notes are clearly Pompi’s comfort zone as at now, I’d say that a little help in harmonies from professional vocalists may solve the setback; if not then more work would have to be put in being more dynamic coupled with growth as a vocalist. If he intends to give us a little more regga flavour, it wouldn’t hurt to have some deep patua affiliates lend their writing skills to his future projects.

Many may tend to criticize and protest that Pompi’s message is not the “Gospel.” I find it necessary to object such thinking because I believe it is not mandated for every Christian music artist to be an evangelist preacher “in your face.” Are not some teachers and others encouragers? Pompi’s music is positive and Christ’s influence on his lyricism is evident. I believe that such a message which clearly puts Christ at the centre is still relevant to society therefore the better thing to do is pray for the brother that God may empower him to touch hearts through his music.

These songs deserve more than 3 stars each and they are a public statement that Pompi is here to stay. Watch him rise up like the African eagle.

The album Mizu is scheduled to be released on 8th December 2012

To download Pompi’s singles visit


~ by thenativez on November 4, 2012.

9 Responses to “Review: Pompi – “No Rent” and “Giant Killer by gEO”

  1. Yet again Geo does a marvelous job, loving the review.

  2. bam! Geo does it again! I think with every new release,i’ll be looking forward to Geo’s reviews. Pure awesomenes!

  3. ah exsay i agree with eD yo reviews are hard I AM LOVINGI!

  4. I appreciate your feedback friends. thank you

  5. nice work Geo…

  6. Dope review Geo!!

  7. great stuff Geo

  8. nyc 1 bro!! dope review…kind of miss Pompi the rapper!! we jst get limpses of it

  9. I like this review..close to perfect,am sure pompi z getting better w/ such remarks

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