New Playlist Update: Osa Sala by DJ Traffik & Selfishin by Liveaight & Jo-Z Jay

Point of emphasis: this is NOT A REVIEW but rather a recommendation for download of songs I have recently gotten a hold of and I think you should add to your playlist.

First up is the newest cypher release titled Osa sala by a personal friend of mine DJ Traffik. He is C.E.O of Traffik Pictures, the man behind the music videos Chili Che (Rizen Rizon), Mwana wa Mulungu (C.A feat. Mag’44) and Access Code (Red Rose).

Traffik (DJ, Hip Hop Dancer/Choreographer, Animation Designer, Video Editor)

Osa sala brings to light some fresh new talent with artists such as Church, Tony Boy, B’face, Blaze, Church, Lev, Bookworm, Doris and of course a new familiar voice in hip hop – D2S.  The young Hip Hoppers talk about change for a change with the message “don’t be left behind, you need Jesus.” The song is produced by beat master Mag”44 so it will keep you awake. I am optimistic that some of the voices on this song will soon be noted influential forces in Zed Hip Hop.

Click Here to download Osa Sala by DJ Traffik

To follow DJ Traffik on twitter click here  @theozoe

Next new song on my playlist is a duo by a man of God I have respect for: Liveaight who came together with the intelligent wordsmith Jo-Z Jay. The song is titled ‘Selfishin’ carrying with it a message that is a breath of fresh air.

Liveaight is not your everyday part of music conversation as of yet so maybe you wouldn’t get the same good feeling I got when I learned about his new release. His commanding voice reminds me of Tedashii when he first came out with his first album. If he morphs like T’Dot, though in his own element, I’d say the future is bright.

Selfishing isn’t a pop or feel good song but I recommend a listen because I believe the message is worth the attention.

Click here to download Selfishing by Liveaight and Jo-Z Jay

To follow Liveaight on twitter click here @liveaight


~ by thenativez on November 13, 2012.

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