Music Review: Tio – Rise to Love A.D [plus Free Download Links]

Tio has been a vibrant and energetic artist whose peculiar music talent and personality has rocked the lives of many in Africa and the rest of the world. Some have compared him to Wiz Kid then to Lil Wayne or T-Pain with the auto tune but I say nope, Tio is still original and probably more diverse.

Tio - Singer, Song writer, Recording and performing artist

Tio – Singer, Song writer, Recording and performing artist

When he made waves with his five singles Candy Love, Chikondi, Nimwe, Shintilila and Fyn Fyn Boy he effortlessly won the hearts of many and built for himself a huge fan base and an anticipation for a mind blowing album initially titled ‘Rapture Ready’ (which sadly wasn’t released as planned). Within months of the release of his Chikondi music video Tio went on to win a Born & Bred Music Video Award, a definite indication of excellence in his craft. I’d say the Rated R Mixtape was a delicious appetizer to his debut album. The mixtape accomplished more than was intended as it popularized an urban style of music dressed up in local language and mind blowing rhymes later pushed forward by artists like Rizen Rizon, Mag’44 and others; and being an album standard project, Rated R was a critical element to the redefinition of excellence for mixtapes in Africa. Of course I think the auto tune was over done and Tio‘s rhyming might have gone too far despite being well thought out.

Tio - caption from Chipolopoli by Lotahouse

Tio – caption from Chipolopolo music video by Lotahouse

Tio to date has had the most features on artists’ songs and more often has out-beat his host by virtue of his dynamic vocal skills. The young man is a hard worker and his results attract little negative critique. Over the past year Tio’s buzz went low and then he fortunately made a good come back in 2012 with his new hit single Chikwati featuring and produced by Mag’44 . His message may have been received with some mixed feelings by the masses. If I took a wild guess, I’d say that was one possible reason it may have not beat the status that Chikondi achieved. Finally we have been assured that Chikwati has prepared the way for Tio’s long awaited album now titled Love A.D due to be released on 22nd December.


Love A.D Album is due for release on 22nd December 2012

With massive metamorphosis currently underway in the Zambian and African music scene at large I stand curious as to how well Love A.D will do. If the album’s composition is simply a collection of Tio’s old songs that were intended for Rapture Ready two years ago then the style might be a little out dated for what fans appreciate today (years back I got the chance to sample Rapture Ready album, it was entertaining & mature). If that’s the case I think Tio can use his charisma to stir an appreciation for real music once more because currently fans have been accustomed to no more than feel good music as opposed to a combination of feel good, deep and artistic music. If necessary tweaks have been made to the songs then he stands safe.

But my biggest concern isn’t how good a package the new album will be; it is who Tio will be after the launch. Most artists become rare at concerts and awfully expensive to hire because they need to make a living out of music (I realize even concert hosts are sometimes at fault by always expecting free performances from artists). In the process, popularity and reputation is degraded. Lotahouse  and Fyn Fyn Records must adopt the right management philosophy and brand Tio in a way that he will reap benefits financially but also most importantly socially with his current and potential new fans across Africa and the world.

I am also confident that Ian and Mag’44 of IM records have put together a sound that is sonically top notch and I hope that with Love A.D Tio will push the red button and initiate a new direction for music in his circles of influence.

Album Launch Details and tickets: Love A.D Album Launch details

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Chikwati feat. Mag’44 music video

Chikondi music video

Fyn Fyn Boy music video


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