The Nativez – L.O.L (Love.Out.Loud)

Love love, love…

I love you…he loves me…she loves me… These lines are now cliche and sometimes carry no meaning. So is life all about love? Yes it is. A thousand fake “i love yous” are not strong enough to degrade the true meaning of love. The challenge the world faces today is not failure to say the words “I love you” but failure to clothe the words with actions. The challenge is the world has failed to L.O.L (Love.Out.Loud ).

So we, The Nativez, thought it wise to join the saints around the world that are actually actively practicing L.O.L hence this campaign.

Lol for black - Copy

According to Matthew 26:11 we learn that the poor will always be there. The right response Christians should make is to have compassion like Christ in Mark 8:2. Loving others by having compassion is proof of God’s love in us according to 1 John3:17.

But most importantly the ultimate response is action as Faith without Works is Dead, James 1:27. This is something The Nativez are set to do this season. The best part of all this is that you can actually take part in L.O.L with The Nativez as we reach out to orphans that are in need of clothing, food, fun and the message of the gospel.

To find out how you can collaborate with The Nativez look out for updates on our facebook page by clicking below:

Click Here: The Nativez facebook page


~ by thenativez on April 11, 2013.

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