CHRISTIAN ACADEMMY 3 Interview Plus Piki Piki Download

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The Nativez caught up with CA3 recently through an interview. Here’s the 411

The Nativez: Let’s start with your name; why Christian Academmy 3?

CA3: The name comes from the idea that Christianity is a learning process. We are in a class-room-like setup where we are always learning on how to live godly. We like our music to be just that, a school where we teach what we’ve been taught or have learned in our personal lives with Christ. We added the extra “m” to our name to make it distinguishable especially on web searches. The “3” in the name signifies divine completion and perfection as is the biblical representation of the number 3.

The Nativez: Let’s talk about your hit release, ‘Mwana wa Mulungu,’ how was it to work with Mag’44??

CA3: Actually that was the second time we were working with Mag44 when we did mwana wa mulungu; we had done a song with him some months before that titled “my everything”. We have to say working with Mag44 is always an awesome experience. It’s like watching a magic trick, you always wonder what he’s going to add next and it’s always fascinating to see him work because he always has some tricks up his sleeves that have you waiting for more. And besides his awesome creativity and the way he adds a modern but African feel to his beats one more thing worth mentioning is the great producer-artist relationship that exists in the studio; he always makes you feel comfortable and important.

The Nativez: Did u expect such a good response?

CA3: No, we did not. And to be honest I think we don’t truly know the actual magnitude of the response people had to the song, but yes even the one that we know of came as a bit of a shock. The song in itself was a surprise, we were actually in the studio working on something else but ended up coming up with that, it was all spontaneous. Even doing the video wasn’t even our original idea, people just came up to us like “the song needs a video.” And well the rest is history.

The Nativez: You guys have been silent for a while since the release of the remix to Mwana wa Mulungu. What’s been happening behind the curtains?

CA3: Firstly  we are second year students at the University of Zambia and  are not Lusaka based but are based on the Copperbelt. Largely what caused the silence from the remix is we closed for quite a long period of time from October 2012 to around January 28th 2013. Because we were in separate places, we could not record or do something in the booth. What else has been happening is we’ve been Mizuing and Jijueing ourselves; self-discovering ourselves as artists and deepening our roots with the help of R2 and a few others. Alongside that we’ve been working on a mixtape due this coming July.

The Nativez: Tell us about your soon to be released C.A3 mixtape?

CA3: The mixtape is titled SWAG. SWAG stands for Spiritual Warfare Ammunition and battle Gear. When people talk about swag, what they usually mean is material clothing. But from Ephesians 6:10-18 the Bible emphasizes to us about a different type of clothing – a spiritual attire “the full armour of God” that we need to have on as Christians. The whole idea behind swag is to use something that people can relate with in these modern days out of something from the olden days but that still applies even now. Each element of the full armour has a song on it plus there are a couple of other songs in there as well.


The Nativez: What features should people expect on the mixtape and what producers have you worked with?

CA3: Well we are working with quite a range of artists. Expect to hear artists like mighty Jo-z Jay, great Dnel, our girl Reace, our hommie A.D, the lovely Olivia, our homeboy Slay, Big man R2, our young sis Mulenga Chungu, the amazing Pompi, plus a few others.

People we worked with on production include gEO, Mag44, Ian, Klem and D.G.

The Nativez: Many out there are joining the music industry hoping to be successful; what is CA3’s philosophy of what true success is for a music artist?

CA3: We know it’s tempting to view success by the number of your songs that you have people playing, how many records you sell or whether you get an award like the Ngoma or Grammy; and we often struggle with that as artists. But Success for a music artists from our understanding as we’ve come to lean is staying true to yourself and God, reaching you full artistic potential while fulfilling the goals that God set for you when you started. If you achieve that then you’re good.

The Nativez: New artists today are debating with themselves whether to reach out to Christians or non-Christians so they can be relevant. How do you handle this particular question of relevance? Who is CA3 reaching out to??

CA3: Well we don’t exactly think we would come up with a music idea and be like “too bad this song is aimed at this given audience so we can’t do it because our goal is to reach that audience.” Our main aim, though it might not be fully evident at the moment, is to give answers to life’s issues through music as we have seen God deal with them in our own lives. Though just judging by that, our music might seem more applicable to a Christian audience than a non-Christian audience; but we were once lost too and we can relate with people who haven’t yet come to the full knowledge of salvation through Christ and we can let them know of how God worked his way in our lives . So we don’t have any boundaries when it comes to that.

The Nativez: A common trend after a group makes a good impression is that the group splits to pursue solo careers. Is that likely to happen to ca3?

CA3: Firstly, we praise the Lord for making us come this far, without the grace and goodness of the Lord we don’t think we would reached this far. We  believe there are so many reasons why people split up to go and  be solo artists but anyway  how we’ve taken things as C.A3 is that we’ve already allowed room for members of C.A3 to pursue solo projects, and that doesn’t require them to leave the group. In fact we’ve done solo projects in the past before. And currently S.B is in the writing process of his solo mixtape probably due sometime later next year. So yeah C.A3 members are allowed to produce their own projects (albums or mix tapes) and so any splitting of that nature is not possible.  

The Nativez: What sort of legacy do you want to create and what are your future plans?

CA3: Well, all we can say for now is our vision for C.A3 is deeper than rap. We have bigger plans than just being a music rap group. By God’s grace we are going to branch out into other areas of ministry beyond the music. The legacy that we would like to leave is a legacy of humility and non-compromise in the way we do things.

The Nativez: How will people access your mixtape once released?

CA3: The mixtape will be initially available as CDs that will be sold from various locations (UNZA, ZICAS, CBU, NIPA, NORTECH) including the events or concerts that we will be part of. We will also consider online distribution

The Nativez: Any last words?

CA3: Yeah, uhm you see what we did with the mixtape is we used almost completely different sounds for each song. So each song is totally different from the next. So if you really want to know how we sound like, you have to listen to the whole mixtape; so we encourage everyone to get a copy when it’s out.

Also we would like to urge all youths that wish/want to be artist’s or work in a team/band/crew that it takes the grace of the Lord to hold a band together. It also takes patience, commitment and love for one another. If they’re in school I would like to suggest that they do not abandon/ neglect school but should ensure that they complete their education. Finally, we would like to say thank you to every artist and every person that has been helping and have helped us get this far.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Piki Piki by CA3 here


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