Young Tenacious – Stay Strong Lyrics and Free Download

Stay Strong is Young Tencaicious' New Single feat. DjLo

Stay Strong is Young Tencaicious’ New Single feat. DjLo

Young Tenacious knows how to make a good first impression. His recent release titled Stay Strong featuring producer DjLo is a touchy must hear song. Download the song here: Stay Strong Download   and sing along as you view the lyrics below brought to you by The Nativez

Now the world we live in is changing as we speak, namumfwa are u hearing me? now we leaving in the last days and tomorrow is not assured but a life in christ assures us of a life in heaven

Its another day in the 21st century/still alive no secret remedy/foundation strong as oxford university/had my life filled up with holes like a cavity/ups and downs people want me down, no serenity/no surrender want me like gravity/but ama stand my ground coz I know my identity/troubles come around but we living by grace that’s reality/”hey”, They say you never gonna make it right/well shine your light bright/never lose sight/He will never leave your sight despite through the dark night/you gave Him your life, He gat it, it’s His fight/

They say u ‘ll never make it/sit back your faith ain’t worth it/they leave you broken hearted, absent minded/makes you wanna fly away/to another world// nangu ba kambe basiye ba kambe/nangu ba ponte basiye ba ponte iwe/ we gat the light, so we gonna make it shine/oh yeah, stay strong and hold on, stay strong and hold on(you gat the light, so you, gatta make it shine)

Born as a missionary out to the billion/ain’t after the paper chase, you can call me an alien/gat the devil running up and down without chasing him/He’s a super villain in Christ we are champions/Point blank being a Christian ain’t easy/people looking at you thinking like you going crazy/friends rather see you sniffing crack and going dizzy/but life ain’t all about fun you can ask the rich man/one day you here, then wooosh you gone!/Dead and buried not with the possessions that you had/so run a good race and be committed like paul/ we don’t wanna see you loose your soul/knowing that we Warned you so/sometimes we fall but let Christ run your show/let him glow into your life,like this flow/its your season, just like winter and snow/the sun is coming up, yall! gats to go/

You got the light so you gotta let it shine
Your word is the light/shines deep in my life/no more fear in the night/you light up my world..nangu ba ponte basiye ba ponte nangu ba kambe ba siye ba kambe iwe

Stay Strong Download


~ by thenativez on July 12, 2013.

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