Music Review: Sobre – ‘Big Thanks’ by gEO

Its been a while since the last review. Knowing that there is a time for everything I am glad to say the time for pin drop silence has come to a close concerning music reviews. So here we go. Sobre!

Sobre - one of Zambia's top dance hall artists
Sobre – one of Zambia‘s top dance hall artists

Let me start off by giving deserved credit where it is due. You have never heard or seen such talent as possessed by this unique  artist not only in Zambia but in Africa all round. Sobre is a hard worker with a fighter’s spirit; he puts up the most energetic live performance and leaves an audience excited with their jaws down. As a songwriter, I’d say Sobre is great at it, able to compose a full song even in a matter of minutes (I exaggerate a little).

Now today he shines as one of Zambia’s most promising artists with no competition. If anything, Sobre’s middle name should be “Consistency.” Out of his continued grind, everybody knows his hits ‘Mutwelele’ ‘Party Animal’  the awesome ‘Bad Man’ and the silent burner ‘ One Thing.’ Sobre just keeps them coming and yep he’s done it once again with his new single titled ‘Big Thanks.’

My personal policy on music is that an artist should never downgrade in delivery and quality. Jelous down Sobre is an up-grader in both areas. Sonically, ‘Big Thanks’ is almost incredible especially in instrumentation. A few vocal tweaks here and there would get rid of the “almost.” Sobre gave some impressive delivery and word play and tongue twisting. What stands out is how the typical listener will not get every word but will be hooked in to Sobre’s catchy phrases, local feel and somewhat humorous ideas. I’m thinking. But most importantly, he succeeds in making anthem compositions and that’s what makes his songs radio ready and concert ready.

Sobre - The artist behind the hit singles Bad Man, Party Animal & Mutwelele
Sobre – The artist behind the hit songs ‘Bad Man’, ‘Party Animal’ & ‘Mutwelele’

But………I’m sure this could be someone’s favourite word. There’s, for me, one issue with ‘Big Thanks’ I think didn’t go too well. The song has, in simple terms, too many parts or rather stanzas which disturb the smooth flow of the song. This goes both for the vocal arrangement and instrumentation. Diversity is always a good idea, however, it’s a delicate part of music which if miscalculated will leave a listener unsure if they really like your song in totality.

Otherwise, I will say of Sobre something similar I said about  Pompi almost a year ago. Africa better get ready for him. This dance hall artist has potential to make it big beyond the Zambian boarders and as long as he continues being the fighter that he is,  God will surely do big things. Big Thanks to Sobre for his consistency.

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