Livin2Die New Single 1st Aug

A very very humble brother in the Lord’; he goes way back in hip hop music when BMW was a celebrated rap duo. A few other releases came along the way under the name Babyboy. After a brief hiatus, he has been reborn and has emerged again as Livin2Die.

Rapper Livin2Die f.k.a Babyboy

Rapper Livin2Die f.k.a Babyboy

What you get when you play Livin2Die in your music system is smooth flow, deep lyrics and a sense of soul. This Soli Deo Gloria Music signed artist is undoubtedly one of Zambia’s finest and now is the time for the trumpets to blow for his return. The first installment from his soon coming EP is a track titled Livin2Die which is a follow up to an earlier version of the same song. True to the game of hip hop, his music is a personal testimony of his own life told like a story

The song ‘Livin2Die’ is due for release on 1st August and will be made available for free download on several platforms including

Keep your ears to the ground.


~ by thenativez on July 24, 2013.

One Response to “Livin2Die New Single 1st Aug”

  1. Lookin forward to the download, dude’s music is inspiring

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