Music Review: Jo-Z Jay – ‘Someone Like Me’ by gEO


All of the sudden I think the sun is once again beginning to shine on the industry. Dawn is here and we are saying hello to a couple of new releases. This may have not been one of our most anticipated releases but I am confident there is a crowd of Jo-Z Jay fans like me who couldn’t wait a day longer to download his new single. It’s called ‘Someone Like Me’ and is produced by Stone.

‘Someone Like Me’ is a song about God’s grace that shows just how unclean and unworthy we truly are before God. Jo-Z brings to light different, real everyday situations of a sin ravaged world from situations of a family of incest, abuse, status, lust, poverty, money and the list goes on. Of course a listener will wonder which of the stories is personal to the artist. However, the message is one that the saints and non-Christians will relate to and they will be pointed to the cross. Its relevance is undeniable.

I don’t know how many intelligent rappers we have in the industry right now. However many they are, I place Jo-Z Jay at number one. This is not the first time many of us will hear Jay go full throttle on his rap game. ‘Someone Like Me has got that intelligent wordsmith touch. The song is liberating rap from the cliché we see in the common rapper with bragging rights to rhyme and rhyme some more. This song definitely has mature rap blended fairly well with unique skill. Yes local flows are now popular today but I’d say Jo-Z is fearless in expressing himself as he is – in English. No need to force the Nyanja or Bemba in order to be popular and please the masses. That’s important for an artist because fans can easily note a fake, so the more original an artist is the more likely he is to be successful.

As for the production, big thumbs up go to Stone for the great work. The strings and voice synths are awesome. Personally, I think the “bridge” or verse three section makes the song all the more interesting.


There is always room for improvement for artists especially those in the breakout phase like Jo-Z Jay. Let me say the song sounds a little like a demo but good enough to arouse an interest for more from Jo-Z. Considering that he has featured on past hit songs, I feel he could have maintained a higher standard rather than roll back a little in overall sound. Secondly, no one can convince me otherwise that the rap style points back to Eminem especially his hit song “The way I am.” That, I’m sure, was unintentional but my point still stands. Finally, I think Stone hacked the production well but the mixing is below par….though good for demo mode. I can easily notice sounds going a little too high in several sections and the song was either over amplified or over compressed.

I know Jo-Z Jay is on the road to becoming one of Zambia’s most important rappers. He is in a league of his own, he stands up tall expressing Biblical views, his heart is an open book of humility and Godly service. What will God do but elevate this talented rapper. ‘Someone Like Me is an engine spark, so let’s wait for the engine to get hot and the plane to take off. This song is a must have and will help you have a good understanding of God’s grace. He loves someone like you, the way you are.

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~ by thenativez on August 13, 2013.

4 Responses to “Music Review: Jo-Z Jay – ‘Someone Like Me’ by gEO”

  1. lovely!!!!!

  2. I agree the Mixing was Terrible I actually warned Coin, but he gave me his word & I thought what he sent me was not the Final Master…(I’m Partly to Blame)..Thnx for goin Soft on us…lol…

  3. Salute

  4. Like Microsoft that aren’t got windows…….he got game for sure.

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