Music Review: Lotahouse – ‘GO’ by gEO


OMG! Some people just don’t seem to stop doing good huh? Like Chipolopolo is to Zambia and pineapples are to Mwinilunga; these guys have made Lotahouse synonymous with quality and hits. Lately I’ve been continuously listening to the new release ‘GO’ by Abel, Mag’44, Tio and Pompi while wondering to myself……”has everyone heard this?”

The mission oriented ‘GO’ must be a wake up call to all who will listen. The Zambian Christian must go hard in preaching the gospel throughout the country in response to God’s revelation and great commission. I love the lyrics; lines like “…….people dying, somebody give us a hand hear” speak two stories – some Christians are working while others are sleeping. Lines like “……until this Land is yours” show a strong sense of patriotism, a wake up call for us to check our hearts if we love Zambia so much we want to see people get saved. The song also gives snapshot justifications why team Lotahouse engages in non conventional type of evangelism on secular platforms. We all know the noise and dust raised by this quite recently.

So Lotahouse have produced some excellent songs lately, so is ‘GO’ in their premier league. Yes it is! Let me mix up the good and bad all in one. Abel Chungus vocals are strong with his usual reggae tone inclination. An issue I have with the song is though Pompi’s lyrics are deep, his verse just flies by without one noticing. Next thing you know…..the chorus is back. The smooth Tio stays impressive and true to the local lingo with his uncommon word play. The man with a commanding flow – Mag’44 maintained a strong and real performance. By now Seya’s vocals are not strange to many. I believe she spices up this song like many others very well though not taking credit on the song title; but that’s ok. In fact, Seya should remain unknown because once she becomes too popular as a backup artist, a solo project can be held down by a strong force of gravity. The beat isn’t mind blowing though the mixing and mastering is phenomenal. I kinda find the reggae tone in the drums rather boring for the hook.

'GO' is produced by super producer Mag'44

‘GO’ is produced by super producer Mag’44

All in all, Lotahouse has done a great job and made the right move to release a song that is not about the hype after ‘Chipolopolo Africa.’ They have used their fame and influence wisely by giving saints a wakeup call to love Zambia and co-labour with Christ for the salvation of sinners. I think the effect of ‘GO’ is two-fold: first some will wake up and second, those shallow minded believers who have more faith in the hype will ignore the message and take another sleeping pill.

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~ by thenativez on August 13, 2013.

One Response to “Music Review: Lotahouse – ‘GO’ by gEO”

  1. Solid as usual… dude u r so in my head…for the most part… Thanks for this

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