Livin2Die & Jo-Z Jay – Hit Or Whack? by gEO

The second week of September saw a couple of significant song releases. I heard all of them, including Sobre’s ‘Ni Mulungu’ featuring Tasha and Mag44. The song has interesting lyrics and a mind boggling message. Then there was the controversial release by Magnifire – ‘Control’ a cover song which originally features Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar; I will not comment lest I cause a tornado. But one which really caught my attention was ‘Soldiers In’ off the Zero Industry Pressure Compilation by Soli Deo Gloria Music artists Livin2Die and Jo-Z Jay.

I played ‘Soldiers In’ on repeat and couldn’t help but write about it. In my last review I shot down Jo-Z Jay’s song as presenting a demo sound and my opinion of Livin2Die’s previous single would simply be “not bad, not all that.” Typically most local Zed artists fail to game up or maintain a good standard, but these two dudes have flown out of the average nest and settled with the eagles.

Lyrics and execution by both artists is exceptional on this track, leaving very little room for mistakes and lame style. In my opinion, L2D and Jozy are amongst this country’s top 10 lyricists now. They are a combo of charm, sound doctrine, poetry and intelligence with lines like “They throw more spears in my direction than Britney’s family…” and “death before defeat, cause victory is sweet, nah because the Son of Man is simply unique…” I dare you to argue otherwise. A close listen will make it obvious that they stuck to their sweet spots in terms of style; why force in the common sound if it will make you sound plastic, right? They decided to go with zero industry pressure. So what you get from L2D and Jo-Z is originality.

A well thought out move was to feature DnEl who, without doubt, excellently cracked the chorus code without overshadowing the artists on the spotlight. I paid attention to every sound; even small elements like the distortion effect on the “whoo!” scream and chorus Backing vocals, they make this song all the more professional

Coming to the beat, Yamikani a.k.a
Coin Coin, Stone and EMINOR gave their best. The instrumentation is excellent for the song’s theme from the drum lines, to the organs and insane strings. Just the beat on its own speaks a message of urgency for soldiers to get up. It’s thumbs up on the mixing and mastering by Stone.

I have nothing but praise for this song so to me it’s a big Hit…certainly not Whack. Not that it will obviously storm radio. I doubt that. But one other significant thing is that Livin2Die and Jo-Z Jay have killed two birds with one stone: They have presented sound doctrine and challenged other rappers to be original style-wise. I don’t know them as intentionally competitive rappers but they are slowly rising to the top. I’m glad we have people that are not here to prove they are number ones but are simply defending sound doctrine with talent that speaks for itself. This is something young rappers should learn from them.

Big thumbs up to Soli Deo Gloria Music


~ by thenativez on September 17, 2013.

5 Responses to “Livin2Die & Jo-Z Jay – Hit Or Whack? by gEO”

  1. TOTALLY AGREE..The Soli Deo Gloria Guyz are bringing the Heat!!

  2. Am no professional,but i too affirm to the fact that the song is a major Hit. Its great in all areas. It does’nt defame anyone or point out individuals’ skills. Its legit, Godly and bible centred!

  3. I agree. They nailed it left right and center. And thanks to the general himself “DNel” the chorus was awesome!!! Big thumbs up to jo-Z and L2D…

  4. Review of the track ON POINT! Jo-Z and L2D brought there best. Cant wait for more

  5. We Give God the Glory for this one….Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone)

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