I’m Guilty – Geo & Olivia (S.L.I.C.E) feat. Mag44


Written by Geo, Co-written by Mag44



Court is in session I’m accused of being a sinner, If I knew how to defend myself I know I’d be the winner

I’m bout to pass out cause my lawyer backed out and I think I know what the verdict is

(hell fire) that’s what it is

Sin’s in my system I won’t say that I’m a victim

Cause I knew what I was doing I could say I loved the feeling

I had no reason for living but the reason I’m living is rooted in the reason Jesus died, for my forgiveness

(Verse 1)


I didn’t wanna fall so so low, I was at the top now I’m down to the floor

My sin has got me feeling bad plus I’m feeling empty and I don’t think that I will last if it doesn’t stop

Kulibe winangu oniziba like the way you do Elo vonse ve nachita cannot hide from you

Lord don’t be so hard on me, though I’m guilty as charged


No –   This wasn’t part of my plan I didn’t wanna do it but I did it again

I was born this way but I don’t wanna live this way

Oh – This wasn’t part of my plan I didn’t wanna do it but I did it again

I’m guilty I – I’m so

I’m so guilty I’m so I’m so

(Verse 2)


You are now riding with, me the one with the gift, God is using my lips, causing these demons to shift

The name of God to be lift, I’m loaded with a full clip of words I’m ready to spit, keep listening to this

 I was living in sin, always smoking and drinking bottles of wine and gin

Lusting over the women and hitting the skins, cussing and swearing,

No care about anything My life was so sickening

But one day I stopped to think where is my life heading

I’ve done about everything but nothing seems to fit in

And now I found a meaning of life and he’s name is Jesus the King of all kings

Who came and died for my sin

(Repeat chorus)

(Verse 3)


The decision by jury was unanimous

I was found guilty as charged couldn’t doubt the evidence

That’s when Jesus stepped in and brought my trial to an end

The supreme court is he, that’s how come I’ve been acquitted


Muni kululukileko nganileta chongo

Want the world to know I’m set free, no machismo

He swept me up made me clean, no chipyango, he can do the same for you, nabanzako

My heart is sweaky clean plus a new beginning, no more living in sin

Cause now I’m destined to win, every song that I sing will be all for the King

Better watch who you messing with, we demon killing



If you hate your sin put your hands in the air

Wanna be free put your hands in the air

Air x3 eh


~ by thenativez on September 28, 2013.

One Response to “I’m Guilty – Geo & Olivia (S.L.I.C.E) feat. Mag44”

  1. This song is my number 1 from the Go Hard2 finally now I don’t have to mmamamama to one of the doppest songs I like. Big thanks

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