Sobre - Miss You [Produced by Shinko Beats of Xero DB

Sobre – Miss You [Produced by Shinko Beats of Xero DB

Downlod Miss You here

Papa we miss u bad/i know wherever u r/until we meet again/i will forever be proud

-Verse 1-
pa can u hear me?/ma heart still feel like u hear B/ but then
reality hits/n greets/me i break down like a little kid adrop a tear
see/ it ain’t easy even if u gone u here with me/ in ma heart you  still alive
and will forever be/ Me better/even/if i tried/u always had the heart of a giant/
I remember u so weak that u couldn’t eat/even so much pain all day u
couldn’t sleep/eveb tho i know that u rest in peace/ I am on ma
kneeeeeeeeeesssss/saying/ you always made us feel alright/when tinz were bad you
said its oryt/4us 2 eat you  wouldn’t sleep all night/n we all grown but
somethings not right


ciant forget da tins dat you taught me while you here/came in
thru di n’left n’out di ryt ear/so mi stretched out mi hand and bring
dem back ear/you  wanted me 2 change done deal/

Mi spending all ma energy fi vocal mi no care/n sit alone inadi livin
room while talking 2 an empty chair,cause u ain’t
dere/ All that i am, i owe to you/through and through the rain/all that i
have i give to you/Lord take away this pain/

Downlod Miss You here


~ by thenativez on June 30, 2015.

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