OLIVIA: Back In Studio With gEO & Promises More Personal Music


Known for her golden and deep voice, The Nativez’ first lady popularly known as Olivia has touched lives with the heartfelt Emotions EP. You may have heard the happy tune Dooda amongst more great songs. Against the common trend of show-up-impact-disappear, Olivia has no intemtion of following suite & so is now back in studio creating new music.

When she began singing at a young age in sunday school, little did she know that her career in music would ever kick off. Starting out officially as a dancer in the famous S.L.I.C.E and later on moving to music recording, Olivia humbly and quietly rose to be one of Zambia’s most unique singers. She is not your ordinary everyday artist as is evident from the content of music
Something people dont know about this young talent is best put in her own own words: “I’m scared of being famous.” She doesn’t do it for fame and that gives her the freedom to make music that is original and from the heart without worrying about whether the next song will be a hit or not.

Now the time has come to move forward with new music and even a deeper personal message from the heart of Olivia. She is in studio with super producer gEO who is producing and writing the music with her. “People can expect a unique sound. We don’t use reference tracks so everything is original to the core” says gEO. TMI (Too Much Info) will just spoil the fun for now, however, fans can expect official details of song releases and more within a few weeks. Olivia is totally excited about her new works she anticipates will be a relfection of her growth and experience over the past year after her Emotions EP. She says “I want to speak from my life’s real experiences and what I’ve gone through & still go through today.”

All the best to Zambia’s vocal sensation Olivia. Keep your ears on the ground for progress on her new music and for other projects from The Nativez artists.

[Find Olivia on Facebook: Olivia Kalenga]


~ by thenativez on July 16, 2015.

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