“Tulange” Music Single From The Nativez


Its not Christmas yet but we don’t mind being the santa to give a few good treats this coming season. Tulange is the first from our sack of goodies. Ecstatic might be one description of what mood we will put you in.

After a good jumpstart of treasured music releases from The Nativez artists including Dennis Red, Olivia, Bface, Bonganii, Livin2Die and gEO; an overwhelming response from faithful fans has just fanned the flame. There is definately no need to release music every day but there is a need to impact lives when opportunities to speak God’s word through music arrive. This now is the time again and first up is a single titled “Tulange” which means show us. So you have all that much to say about yourself? Remember they say talk is cheap. This single will be a constant reminder of that fact; yes it will have that kind of repeat value.

As at this point we will not reveal which artist or artists have put “Tulange” together but being from The Nativez we can make it known that its produced by gEO. Feel free to guess the combo of artists on it. The single is due to be released early August this year. Anticipate the best and while you wait, this is our message to you: “TULANGE!!


~ by thenativez on July 20, 2015.

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