Church | Talks Mixtape Featuring Abel Chungu, J Rox, Israel & More


Everyone that meets him or hears about him the first time usually goes “huh!! Church?” Not a cliché name for any music artist; the multitalented rapper and producer is on to something big this August with his first official ‘This Is Church’ mixtape release. He talks the details with Muvi TVs Siphiwe on this interview. Download Church Interview here.

This Is Church features the likes of Abel Chungu, J Rox, Israel (fka Exile), Olivia, Carmine, LEV, Evans,  Trina, Mikrophone7 and more. Depending on your personal philosophy you may be skeptic about one particular feature by J Rox who is amongst Zambia’s currently trending secular dancehall/rap artists. Church defends his collaboration with Roxa stating “…he puts God first.” So maybe there is something we dont know about him.

Church is famously known for what we would call online hit singles like Nkamubombele Ft. Abel Chungu, Better Ft. Kanji & Juba Mchopo (Day 1 ft. Tio). His mission is to use his talent as an artist to become as relevant to the public as the Church has been to him.
Download Church Interview here


~ by thenativez on July 24, 2015.

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