Echo | PHELI Music single Defined


Everyone says they’re unique but not all fit the status. This particular artist hasn’t defined himself as out-of-box but he rightly deserves the title. Just take a listen to his music and say hi to evidence as it protrudes your ears, sonically dressed in an African-hip-hop attire. Echo is slowly but surely gaining good ground on the Zambian music scene. This July 26th his new single ‘PHELI’ will be free for all.

Who is Echo? He’s a February 1991 baby, born in the town of Kabwe, a member of the Rep Three rap crew, a radio host and most importantly a Christian. Yes….we usually leave that one out right? He’s been a dedicated artist since 2010 when he acknowledged the working of God’s grace on his life. Echo has to his name a number of notable music singles including Maluba Maluba Ft. Chord14 & Kumawa.

This July the campaign for his new song PHELI began and Echo had this to say about it:
“I dated PHELI once at some point and I was stupid enough to cheat on her. She used to pray for me and helped me focus on getting things straight. I disappointed her, walked away like a champ but little did I know that playing with the emotions of a praying lady (God’s daughter) is dangerous. To cut the long story short, I learnt my lesson and she forgave me because holding onto the past is not PHELI’s way of doing things.” PHELI is an acronym for Proverbs31 Highly Exact Living. Echo adds: “Story goes beyond a mistress’ plea and a twerking portentous figure yearning to be arrested by lust.”

You have permission to put your expectation in high gear for PHELI music single this Sunday 26th July. It will be a free download.


~ by thenativez on July 24, 2015.

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