Livin2Die | The Re-Introduction


So picture this: a pack of talented zealous dancesr, passionate young street evangelists and a handful of dope rappers. Let’s focus a little on the rappers: Being few and super talented they ‘run’ things. Now let’s put one special rapper called Baby Boy in to the picture…several years (over 10 years) down the line we now call him Livin2Die.

Something you probably didn’t know about Bob Kombe Ninda, aka Livin2Die, is this: he was once one half member of the popular crew BMW with Magnus Mando then called Magnum44. Yes, the same Mag44 we assume you might know today. Livin2Die has been rapping for so many years he can rightly be referred to as one of Zambia’s pioneering music artists. One may argue otherwise because they don’t see any accolades but who said success as a musician is plainly summed up in fame and awards? Success is impact on lives in a meaningful way. That’s the story of Livin2Die.

He featured on several music projects alongside S.L.I.C.E, Mag44, Njoya Tee (Fire Mulilo Remix), Gabby G.P (High Five), Red Rose (Lifestyle), the famous Soldiers In with Jo-Z Jay and Dnel, and he has had a number of priceless music releases of his own. The most recent being Make it Count with Dennis Red (Produced by gEO), Fire Out (produced by Bonganii) and the unofficial single XM Freestyle (produced by Stone). What you get when you play any of his songs is a clear loud buzzer that he knows God, he has a smooth original swagger and the best rhyming skills. Livinn2Die can be compared to rappers like Kendrick Lamar & Nas but still stands out as unique. The one big impression you will get after an encounter with him is his high level of humility which has evidently taken him so far and sustained him as an artist.

Initially signed to Soli Deo Gloria Music, Livin2Die recently signed to The Nativez but shortly after went on a sudden hiagus to focus on work. While dedicated fans went in to wonderland about the reason for the silence, even a bigger lot of to-be fans were still yet to be reached. Livin2Die is about to be your new school’s favourite rapper’s favourite rapper, a status already achieved earlier in his music career. He is working with producers including The Nativez’ own gEO, Bonganii and little known great producer called Kash.

Look out for a couple of flashback downloads by Livin2Die and lastest news.


~ by thenativez on July 24, 2015.

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