Local Motive Ft. Livin2Die | Making Hits Vs. Making Impact [Exclusive Interview]


Local Motive Episode 8 feafures Livin2Die who is put on the spot about making music for impact verses making music to accrue a roaster of hit singles. Download interview here (10mb)

The Nativez signed artist, Livin2Die, is known for rapping mostly in English. Many other artists are like him; while some remain confident despite not being multilingual on every record, others feel crippled by the same phenomenon. Livin2Die gives his take on this. Download the interview to also get a more info on his upcoming single ‘Tulange ‘ featuring Mag44 from the forthcoming LP titled Life’s Music.  Local Motive Ep.8 – Download Interview here (10mb)

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~ by thenativez on July 29, 2015.

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