Nachi (Nachimvya Mukwavi) | Beyond Me Ft. Olivia [Produced & Written by gEO]


This post is specially dedicated to the amazing talent: Nachi who passed away on Friday 24th July. Beyond Me ft. Olivia – Download mp3

Beyond Me is a song that was recorded in 2011 as part of the album by S.L.I.C.E titled Go Hard 2. The song was written and produced by gEO of The Nativez and features Olivia. It is a testament of the heart of worship of true believers; one that Nachi trully had.

Nachi – Nachimvya Mwaka Mukwavi was born in 1990. In 25 short years Nachi evidently impacted so many lives. Her personality was warm, a reflection of God’s love as she genuinely cared for family and friends. She served faithfully at her church, in school, at work and in what she was highly gifted in – music with Zambia’s renowned Elect Band. This all came to a standstill when while travelling on duty, Nachimvya was involved in a tragic car accident in Mumbwa [Zambia].

How does the death of a young soul impact one’s personal meditations? We are all different and we react differently but one thing we must all reflect on is whether we are living our lives to the fullest? Nachi was not necessarily “famous” & neitger was she a recording artist, but her life was lived honourably and that is how come she impacted the lives of so many people. The point is, instead of waiting for the perfect position of influence, we must position ourselves to be used by God exactly where we are.

R.I.P Nachi. This world will greatly miss you.  Until we meet again in the glory of Christ.
Beyond Me ft Olivia – Download mp3


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One Response to “Nachi (Nachimvya Mukwavi) | Beyond Me Ft. Olivia [Produced & Written by gEO]”

  1. indeed may r.i.p nachi

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