Blue Flame & Dennis Red | Infiltrate [Download]

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Infiltrate by Blue Flame & Dennis Red – Download mp3

Blue Flame on Infiltrate: Infiltrate to me signifies a plan to penetrate enemy walls and take over their system! In this case as soldiers of Christ our mission is to change the world; to convert those in the world’s system to have a mindset of Christ and Christ-like behaviour. So our aim is to infiltrate their system, remove the negative and fill it with the Holy Spirit.

Dennis Red on Infiltrate: In this world bound by clich├Ęs and withering trends that easily divert one’s attention from the bigger picture, we have chosen to do our work. Our work is to push a life and love agenda which this world really needs to be exposed to. Enter the infiltration.

Blue Flame Bio
Mwango Kondolo aka Blue Flame Gospel was born in Lusaka Zambia. At the age of nine (9) he and his young brother went to live with their Mother in Dallas Texas U.S.A were he developed an interest in hip hop music. Due to mistakes and wrong choices he made through his early teen life, his mother found it fit for him to leave Dallas and head back to Zambia to live with his Father. At the age of 14 he found himself trying to record at any studio he could find and afford, but because of the difficulties he faced he decided to start his own studio, making his own beats and producing his own music. While living a “not so positive life” he faced many ups and downs but on November 4th 2011, at Zambia’s Copperbelt University his life changed forever when he answered the call of God on his life. He deleted all his secular music from his mixtape ‘Heat Wave’ and  replaced it with a new mixtape titled mixtape “Heaven Sent. At that time Blue Flame became a full time Gospel artist /producer/Sound Engeener/ song writer. He is currently studying Architecture in Malaysia and also undergoing Leadership Training.
Infiltrate – Download mp3


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