About The Nativez

Formerly known as ‘Geo Productionz’ The Nativez is a Music and Entertainment brand with latest trends on music in Zambia and Africa at large. Owned by George ‘gEO’ Musiwa

George ‘gEO’ Musiwa is a born again Christian rapper, dancer/choreographer and music producer. He takes keen interest in the music industry; its state and future trends, the artists and their grounding and philosophy of music among other factors.

He is founding member of a pioneering dance and music crew called S.L.I.C.E for which he has entirely produced two full albums Go Hard 1 and 2 with 31 songs spread across the two albums putting together talented top urban musicians from Zambia namely; Olivia, Bornface, Tio, Mag’44, D’nel, Rizen Rizon. Jo-z Jay, Lyricist and others.

He is holder of a University Degree in Public Administration from the University of Zambia attained in 2011. Geo is currently based in Nairobi, Kenya as an intern at Mavuno Church where he is involved in high school and preteen ministry and is undergoing a leadership competencies program.


One Response to “About The Nativez”

  1. i love your writings/work, especially the one about Mag44, which i just read!!! I am sort of new to the whole blog concept (very weird really, since its been here for a while now … mostly because i get frustrated with technology) … Anyway looking forward to whatever else you write. Baraka.

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